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The Network for Ecological Education and Practice
Svendborgvej 9, Ollerup
DK-5762 Vester Skerninge

Phone +45 62 24 43 24
Fax +45 62 24 43 23
E-mail: eco-net@eco-net.dk

A brief presentation of Eco-Net - a Danish NGO

The Network for Ecological Education and Practice (Eco-Net) is an NGO founded in 1994, with the mission of promoting community education and public debate on ecology and sustainable development.

The Eco-Net Newsletter is published six times a year - and both in a web and a printed version. The newsletter provides an easy overview of initiatives and events concerning ecology and sustainable development.

Eco-Net runs three websites, based on a comprehensive network and an advanced database of individuals and NGOs in the field of ecology and sustainability.

  • http://www.eco-net.dk
    - is the homepage of the association. Here, you will also find the Eco-Net Newsletter and an English section.
  • http://www.eco-info.dk
    - is an internet portal and a guide to the world of ecology (in Danish only). Here, you will find all about ecological products and green lifestyle, addresses and links to organisations, individuals, and companies in the field of ecology, a green library and a nationwide calendar of eco-events as well as notes on ecology.
  • http://www.BaeredygtigUdvikling.nu
    - is an internet portal presenting events, organisations, individuals policies and debates for sustainable development (in Danish only). This homepage has a separate section on education for sustainability.

Eco-Net also organises annual nationwide weekend seminars, during which new topics in ecology and sustainability are brought up for discussion.

Moreover Eco-Net publishes discussion materials (see list of links on the last page), organises topical discussion meetings and Internet discussions - and experiments with new democratic forms of dialogue meetings.

The activities of the association are planned and co-ordinated from the secretariat, based in conjunction with the Danish Folk High School for Sports and Gymnastics in Ollerup.

National networks and partnerships:

Eco-Net is member of:

  • The Danish Council for Adult Education
    - covering 39 adult education organisations in Denmark
  • The Danish 92-Group
    - a co-operation between the 21 largest Danish environmental and development organisations, all of which work on following up on the 1992 UN Earth Summit on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro.
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