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The booklet "Sustainable is more than able" is available in pdf-format.
You can get it in a relatively small file, best used for on-line reading, and a much bigger file, for best printable results.

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To read and print the dokument, you need Acrobat Reader.

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We invite educators, ecologists, NGO's and others with an interest in education for sustainable development to join us in an informal learning and sharing network.

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Sustainable is more than able
- viewpoints on education and sustainability.

"Sustainable is more than able" is an exstract from the danish discussion-booklet of the same name.

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The introductional part of the Booklet.


The Network
The possibility to join in...


Relevant links on the subject.


About Eco-net
Short presentation on Eco-net, the danish NGO behind "Sustainable is more than able".